James Agee  James Agee

A Death In The Family

Publisher: McDowell Obolensky
Publication Date: 1957
Hardcover: 339 pages
Edition: First Edition

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Book Awards and Recognition

Award 1958 - Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

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First Edition$19.00$800.0018
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First Edition Identification Points

  • The title page printed in blue ink.

  • "walking," for "waking," on p.80.

  • The price, $3.95, appears on the top of the front flap of the dust jacket.
  • From the Publisher

    Agee was a poet, a penetrating film critic for TIME and other magazines, an intricate public conscience, and a man who carried all his life the burden of his father's death in a car accident when Agee was six. (Forty years later to the day Agee would die of a heart attack.) He brought all of that, both his gifts and his psychic injuries, to this grave and lyrical story of Rufus Follet, a boy whose world is upended by his father's sudden death in an auto accident. What this book lacks in form it more than makes up for in subtly delineated feeling. Agee's forgiving embrace of the deeply imperfect people he describes, a kind of Whitmanesque tenderness, stays with you a long time.—R.L. (Richard Lacayo)