Ernest Poole  Ernest Poole

His Family

Publisher: The Macmillan Company
Publication Date: 1917
Edition: First Edition

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Book Awards and Recognition

Award 1918 - Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

First Edition Identification Points

States "Published May, 1907" on the copyright page with no additional printings listed.

From the Publisher

Of all the novels published in 1917, Mr. Poole's His Family was voted the most important by the jury making the selection of titles for The National Arts Club Exhibit. This fact lends importance to his new work, which once more reveals those qualities responsible for his great success,— his keenness in character analysis, his sure dramatic instinct, and his skilled handling of plot and situation. Mr. Poole's central theme this time is the struggle between two wives, one of them living and the other dead, but still strongly making her presence felt. This theme gives rise to a series of incidents of appeal and power and reaches a climax which for sheer force and originality excels anything Mr. Poole has ever done. In the characters of Ethel, the second wife, somewhat idealistic, frank, distinctly lovable, and Joe, her husband, an architect whose higher strivings have been somewhat killed by the materialism of his first wife, Mr. Poole has drawn two figures of surpassing interest, which will take their place beside the father and the daughters of His Family, as among the more remarkable creations of recent fiction.

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